Dog Harness

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Since 2006, the original ChokeFree™ has not put pressure on the pet’s trachea or windpipe.  There are similar step-in designs that claim to be non-choking or choke-free but they may still place pressure on the pet’s windpipe and cause choking and gagging.  The center portion of our soft smooth one-piece patented ChokeFree™ design touches the pet in-between the pet’s front legs, whereas the other Step-In harnesses touch the pet’s forechest area rather than in between the pet’s front legs.   Please see the above picture to see how the original ChokeFree™ fits.

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XSmall fits 11”-12”
Small fits 13”-14”
Med fits 15”-16:
Large fits 17”-18”
Xlarge fits 19”-20”

This is the measurement directly behind the front legs around the whole body.


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